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Age of War 2

Age of War 2 is a real time hybrid strategy/defense video game just like its predecessor, Age Of War and it basically involves attacking and destroying the enemy while still ensuring your backyard remains secured. Players can build turrets for securing their bases and upgrade their abilities to subdue the enemy.

There’s no exact storyline in the Age of War 2 game but what can be noted is that its developer was basically trying to drive a point home; don’t provoke man because he can turn to be a beast who will forever fight as they are never satisfied with the fruits of peace. This game happens in real time and has 7 ages; stone age, spartian, Egyptian, medieval , renaissance, modern and future.

Age of war 2

When it comes to gameplay, this game is not as complex as it may look like. Players spawn units by clicking their portrait icons then they charge towards the enemy’s direction. When these two camps clash, they duke it out. The major twist in the game is that you can evolve and upgrade both your attack and defense means. Dead enemy soldiers earn you gold and points which you require to build more turrets, buy soldiers and upgrade your abilities. When you advance in the game, you also move forward in time.

Age of war 2

The trick in this game is to ensure that you finish your enemy’s base before it gets stronger. One way of doing this is to make sure that you land the best upgrades before them. Then remember, the best way to defend is to attck!

This game is a perfect choice for game maniacs who love strategy and defense games as it is a blend of both. You can play the Age of War 2 unblocked or Age of War 2 hacked for a great gaming experience that will engage your defensive and strategy skills.

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